NBC plays footage of another quarterback during Michael Vick interview [VIDEO]

Holly Bensur | Contributor

Are the producers over at NBC blind or just completely ignorant of the person they’re interviewing?

Matt Lauer interviewed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on NBC’s “Today Show” Tuesday morning to discuss dogfighting, redemption and football.

The geniuses over at the network ran footage of a quarterback making passes to teammates over the interview. A practical production technique, except for the significant problem that the quarterback in the video wasn’t Vick.

It’s not even Vince Young who signed a one-year contract with the Eagles in July 2011. It’s Jerrod Johnson who signed as an undrafted free agent with the Eagles in July 2011, but later signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in January.

Everyone makes mistakes, but maybe next time try looking at a players number, what arm they throw with and what their face looks like before choosing a clip.



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