WikiLeaks reopens credit card donations, dares Visa and Mastercard to shut them down

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After 18 months of having its funding nearly completely cut off by a payment industry blockade, WikiLeaks says it’s finally found a new workaround that allows it to receive credit card donations. And after one recent legal victory against Visa in Iceland, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is literally daring the card companies to shut down payments to his site again.

In a statement to press Wednesday morning, WikiLeaks writes that the Fund for the Defense of Net Neutrality (FDNN) has agreed to accept donations on behalf of WikiLeaks, and that the group can receive payments through the French payment card system Carte Bleue.

WikiLeaks claims that Visa and MasterCard are “contractually barred from cutting off merchants” through the French system, which would legally preventing Visa and MasterCard from blocking payments to the site as they’ve done in the past.

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