Every day, in every way, lefties want to remind you that Obama eats dogs


Hey, they’re the ones who keep bringing up how presidential candidates treat dogs. It’s not really working, but since when is that a reason for a lefty to stop doing something?

Now the fail is moving to smartphone apps:

Are you ready to “effect social change” with an app about Mitt Romney’s dog that didn’t get eaten? Then throw some money at it! So far they’ve only received $200 on their Kickstarter page, out of the $25,000 they say they need, but I’m sure that’ll skyrocket.

Hey, how about a game in which, instead of navigating a dog traveling on a highway, you navigate a dog traveling through Obama’s alimentary canal? The “final boss” fight would really be the $#!+.

(Hat tip: HuffPo, naturally)

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