Matt Lewis

The famous Frum mum

Somehow I missed this, but Mark Oppenheimer has penned an interesting profile on David Frum. Here are just a couple of the most interesting graphs:

[T]here may be a more intelligible explanation for [Frum’s] gentle, perceptible shift to the left. He’s going home again, to his mother, and to Mother Canada. As nearly all Canadians, but basically zero Americans, are well aware, Frum is the son of a famous liberal and feminist icon, Barbara Frum.

There is no American equivalent to Barbara Frum. Canadians compare her to Walter Cronkite, but she was a star of both CBC Radio and CBC Television, so it’s as if she was their Walter Cronkite and their Robert Siegel. Or their Brian Williams and their Nina Totenberg. Maybe their Tom Brokaw and their Ira Glass—but with a dash of Barbara Walters, because Frum was, after all, a Jewish woman. She had Katie Couric’s warmth and Christiane Amanpour’s gravity. You think this is getting silly? Go ask Canadians of a certain age about her. They’ll tell you where they were when they heard the news that Barbara Frum had died.

Read the whole thing here.