Rep. Capps rented room to staffer for years, didn’t report income to IRS for over a decade

Millman, Capps’ campaign spokesman, is still using this as a way to attack Maldonado, though. In the same email in which he told TheDC that Capps waited more than a decade to report that income to the IRS, he pivoted into an attack on Maldonado.

“And this is exactly why it’s so important for Maldonado to publicly release his taxes for every year he’s been in public office, to make sure that he has properly paid what he owes,” Millman said. “Unfortunately, we already know he owes $4.2 million in back taxes for 2006-08, and refuses to pay it, and now has been sued by the IRS for making improper deductions for his country club membership, home remodeling and other personal expenses.”

TheDC visited Capps’ congressional office on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon to attempt to ask her about this issue in person. Capps refused to discuss the issue and her chief of staff, Randolph Harrison, said he thinks it’s “not professional” to “ambush” a member of Congress in the hall. Harrison said Capps’ congressional office believes this is a “campaign issue,” and directed TheDC to Millman.

Harrison refused to answer whether or not Capps believes it’s ethically acceptable for a member of Congress, such as herself, to have a financial and transactional relationship with her congressional staff.

Millman said he agrees with Harrison in thinking that this is a campaign issue — adding “every issue is a campaign issue” — and said “yes,” when asked if he thought it’s ethically acceptable for such financial and transactional relationships to exist between members of Congress and their staffers.

Harrison refused to make Capps available to answer questions for TheDC, though she was in the office on Wednesday when TheDC visited.

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