Hundreds gather on Capitol Hill to protest Obamacare [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields | Contributor

The grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity, hosted a “Hands off my Healthcare” rally in Washington, D.C. to let their members of Congress know that they want to repeal Obamacare.

Former President Bill Clinton adviser and current Fox News contributor Dick Morris spoke at the event regarding Obamacare.

“The issue we’re talking about today is health care, and it is not life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This isn’t pursuit of happiness, this isn’t about liberty — this is about life. Now some of you may be pro-life, others may not be, but can’t we all agree that we’re pro-life to keep somebody alive when they’re alive, whatever a federal bureaucrat?” he asked. “Can’t we all agree that we live until the medical profession can’t keep us alive and God says its time to die, without asking [President] Barack Obama?”

Check out The Daily Caller’s footage of Morris’ speech, as well as interviews with participants at the rally.

Videography by Sarah Hofmann

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