Sen. Bob Menendez faces unexpected challenge from New Jersey state senator

Gov. Christie is considered a possible running mate for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  Kyrillos said he hopes Romney taps Christie for the role.

“Obviously, I would love for Christie to be the nominee,” Kyrillos said.

“One, because I think he’d be very good at it for, you know, a lot of different reasons. But also because nothing would be better for my candidacy than to have Chris on the ticket this November. You know, I’ll look like the smartest guy in North America in September for being running for the U.S. Senate if Chris should be the vice presidential nominee.”

Menendez was appointed in January 2006 to finish the U.S. Senate term of Jon Corzine, who resigned when he was elected New Jersey’s governor. In November of that year, he was elected in his own right.

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