Chick-fil-A drivethrough bully Adam Smith speaks


By now you’ve probably seen the self-shot video that a guy named Adam Smith posted to YouTube last week. For reasons that must’ve seemed good at the time, Smith filmed himself going through a Chick-fil-A drivethrough window to get “free water.” It ended up being the most expensive water he ever got in his life.

Smith has now posted something he calls “Apologies and Clarifications.” I haven’t watched it and I don’t plan to, because it runs 7 minutes and 49 seconds. I don’t know why it would take almost 8 minutes to say, “That was incredibly stupid and I shouldn’t have done it, no matter how righteous I imagine my cause. I’m very sorry, and I offer no excuses for my behavior.”

But here he is anyway, if you care. Or even if you don’t. You make the call.

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