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Ask Matt Labash: The Daily Caller interns strike back

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Matt, Can you Dougie better than Michelle Obama? What is your signature dance move? — Eshe

If I even dreamt of doing the Dougie, I’d wake up in a cold sweat, profusely apologizing to African-Americans everywhere. My signature dance move — my only dance move — is stillness. Only when we are static can we truly internalize the movement around us.

Why does everyone try to blame “the Joker” on guns and movies? And, if it comes down to his personal responsibility, does he deserve the death sentence? — Matt

I say we give him a life sentence of watching the Kathie Lee & Hoda hour of the Today Show. He’ll off himself after about ten minutes, thus saving taxpayers the cost of the last meal and potassium chloride drip.

As for blaming movies for senseless mass murder, I’m against it. Unless it’s Batman. Or any other superhero franchise. They’re boring, and there have been way too many of them over the last two decades. It’s time for adults to start watching movies that are made for adults again, and for Hollywood to start making them. If you’re a grown man, as I am, your imagination should be fired by something other than dudes in tights and capes and codpieces. I don’t care what kind of dramatic shading you insist they have. So do Russian novels. Time to take your Shazam! Underoos off, and to read something at your own grade level.

Is Octomom’s use of porn and stripping to get herself off welfare the new American Dream? — Ryan

Are you being sarcastic? In the future, please state so outright in the question, as sarcasm is lost on me. But I will reward your disingenuousness with an earnest answer. Yes, it is. This is precisely why our founders, through divine providence and infinite wisdom, shook the shackles of Mother England, fought and died for equality for everybody (except for the slaves), and passed out smallpox blankets to the Indians to snatch their land and to turn unspoiled beauty into strip malls and tanning salons: so that ho-bags like Octomom could get in-vitro fertilization to conceive eight children she can’t afford, when she already had six children she couldn’t afford. Her endeavors do add new dimensions to the term “welfare-to-work.” But I think she’s going about it all wrong. Through my magic Google machine, I’ve seen the fruit of her labor, and I, for one, would pay her not to take her clothes off in public.