Anonymous wages war on TrapWire ‘big brother’ surveillance system

Operation participants are working closely to collect and disseminate further information about TrapWire, disrupt surveillance cameras part of the TrapWire network, as well as the program’s social media monitoring capabilities, and destroy TrapWire’s servers.

“Finally, the Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous will do what we do best,” said the participants’ statement. “We will find, hack — and destroy the servers where the AI [Artificial Intelligence] ‘electronic brain’ of this program is housed.”

Project PM founder Barrett Brown confirmed to TheDC in an email conversation that he is involved with this lastest Anonymous operation.

“Half of the OpTrapWire press release consists of some material I wrote for infographics/digital posters, and we’ve been working directly with three different servers on this (which is a lot; this is shaping up to be one of the largest operations in a while, not just in terms of people involved but in how competent and hard-working many of them are),” Brown wrote.

“Right now, aside from the ongoing attacks on Abraxas assets, there’s a great deal of research and dissemination going on; I’ve been disappointed by the [mainstream media’s] inevitable failure to give this due attention,” he said.

“Beyond just what this system is capable of doing, one has to see it in the context of more widespread and sophisticated technologies that have been put in place over the last several years. … The totality of such things is in some ways beyond what Orwell could have imagined,” he said, “as is the case with persona management and Romas/COIN, for instance.”

Persona management is the use of software to amplify a company’s, organization’s or government’s Web presence by creating and managing fake social media and web accounts. For example, a single person can manage multiple fake online personalities, infiltrate chat rooms and discussion threads, and promote any agenda — corporate, political, or both — that he or she is being paid to promote.

Romas/COIN, exposed when Anonymous hacked federal intelligence contractor HBGary Federal in 2011, was one such U.S. government-sponsored persona management program. This technique can be deployed in psychological and information warfare campaigns.

“Meanwhile, the American citizenry needs to stop neglecting its duties to ensure that future generations don’t grow up in a pseudo-omnipotent state in which individual rights are trampled on covertly as well as overtly,” Brown said.

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