The GOP should make Obama’s extremist abortion position an issue

To answer these questions, we need only look at Obama’s position on the Born Alive Infant Protections Act. While serving as an Illinois state senator, President Obama opposed, not once but four times, legislation that sought to protect babies who survived late-term abortions and required that doctors provide them with appropriate health care.

While there is no question that the economic issues facing our country are important and need debate, this election needs a vigorous and factual discussion on abortion. A strong economy is important, but there is nothing more fundamental than protecting the right to life of our most vulnerable citizens. It is time the GOP stop being hesitant on life issues, and stand as tall in defense of life as it stands on the economy.

Lila Rose is the president of Live Action, a non-profit pro-life organization, and the founder of the nation’s largest pro-life student magazine, The Advocate.