RNC protesters opt for nightlife over arrest after blocking intersections

Fuck the Police protesters

The remaining members of Occupy Tampa seized the city late Wednesday night and during the early hours of Thursday, shutting down major intersections and requiring a police presence of what appeared to be around 500 officers on foot, packed into SUV’s and riding bicycles.

Led again by Vermin Supreme, a notable political activist within the group, protesters marched to and from “Romneyville,” their makeshift camp only a few minutes’ walk from the convention center.

The demonstrators and security forces were restrained and no physical conflict ensued. After marching from Romneyville to Ybor City, the group was divided between those who wanted to head back to the camp and those who wanted to explore Tampa nightlife.

Resting in the street, the protesters were told to move along, an order that was initially refused.

Tampa dance party

Negotiations between Vermin Supreme and top officers on the scene ended with an agreement: the group was free to disperse naturally on the condition that they remained on the sidewalk. Any individual walking in the street, according to the agreement, would be arrested.

“I’ve warned you guys,” Supreme said through a bullhorn, “if you want to go and get arrested, I really don’t give a fuck.” The group slowly pulled back to Romneyville after encouragement from some of its older members.

Vermin Supreme's megaphone

All photos by Zach Gorelick/The Daily Caller.

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