College football kickoff: Top 10 hottest cheerleading squads [SLIDESHOW]

Another college football season is upon us. Football fans across the fruited plain will no doubt be captivated by week upon week of upsets, near-upsets and generally thrilling finishes.

The cheerleaders for those teams are equally captivating, though, particularly during the games that aren’t very thrilling.

As the new season kicks off, The Daily Caller presents its preseason top 10 list of the hottest cheerleaders.

Enjoy, and good luck to your favorite team this fall.

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  • The world famous USC Song Girls are No. 1, and it’s not close, and it’s because of the sweaters. They don’t need those sweaters. It’s September, in Los Angeles, often in the middle of the afternoon. It’s all simultaneously timeless and innocuous and sexy. The subconscious male mind runs wild, and that puts USC well over the top.
  • TheDC isn’t the first media entity to dream up a slideshow of pretty cheerleaders. Others have done it (and they’ll do it again), and many of them have voted Oregon at No. 1. Certainly, a solid case can be made that the Ducks deserve the coveted top spot. If you’ll just stare for awhile at the slide, you’ll get the gist of that argument.
  • Florida State is a huge public school with a rollicking social scene. Greek life is a very big deal. There’s also a powerhouse football program and FSU is located in a generally football-crazy state. This potent combination is exactly what you would expect to produce captivating cheerleaders year after year, and FSU does not disappoint.
  • Technically, the University of Missouri’s Golden Girls aren’t cheerleaders. They are a dance team associated with Marching Mizzou, the school’s marching band. What, exactly, are some of the most beautiful women in any university setting doing hanging out with the trombone players?  It’s a great mystery, right up there with the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Texas Christian University is a private school in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex that for decades was known for three things: 1) oodles of stunningly beautiful women 2) a great sports mascot in the Horned Frog, and 3) strong ties to the Disciples of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination. About a decade ago, the school made an effort to downplay the Christian part of the name and to brand itself as simply TCU. Consequently, the school is now known for two things.
  • Williams-Brice Stadium, where the University of South Carolina’s Fighting Gamecocks play football, is home to some wonderful traditions. The east upper deck sways earthquake-style when fans jump up and down. A clamorous rooster crow emanates from the loudspeakers when South Carolina scores. A lesser but still notable event occurs during games whenever a bewitching South Carolina cheerleader holds up a giant sign that reads, simply, COCKS.
  • The UCLA football program and even its storied men’s basketball program have fallen on hard times of late. The days of Troy Aikman and John Wooden seem long gone. Until the Bruins find a way to get better, gorgeous cheerleaders and memories of yore will have to suffice.
  • Religion is an indispensable part of life at Baptist-affiliated Baylor University and traditional values hold sway. The administration does its part to uphold traditional values by enforcing some pretty strict social rules. You can feast your eyes upon Baylor’s cheerleaders in their skimpy outfits. You can even take one on a date. But there will be absolutely no cohabitating.
  • Goodness gracious, the scandals! It all began in 2004 when Courtney Simpson – daughter of an oral surgeon, raised in a devout Mormon family – successfully tried out for cheering squad. She later became a porn star. The real fun started when Simpson appeared in a pornographic video wearing her old ASU cheerleading uniform (called Double Dutch, if you must know). In 2008, when PG-rated photos of ASU cheerleaders found their way onto the internet, the athletic director sacked the entire squad.
  • The University of Kentucky cheerleading squad won the 2012 Cheerleading National Championships. They’re no flash in the pan, either. Kentucky has won this event a record 19 times. And now, ladies and gentlemen, this slide concludes the competitive cheerleading portion of our program.