Calif. Dem. chair John Burton’s past includes sexual harassment, bookmaking, cursing ‘more than a West Coast rapper’

Facing Gov. Davis’ threat of a special session to reconsider the measure, Burton said he would gladly call for a vote just to watch the plan fail. “I mean, insulting us?” Burton said. “He just [expletive] himself.”

Asked by the Associated Press in 2000 whether a $100-per-ticket fundraising event he co-hosted — where lobbyists mingled with state lawmakers in the waning days of the legislative session — posed a conflict of interest, Burton was his usual salty self.

“Only an [expletive] would think this is a conflict,” Burton told a reporter. “This is like a [expletive] party. This is a $100 event.”

The AP and the Chronicle censored Burton’s foul language. But CalBuzz, a statewide political website, let his May 2010 words speak for themselves in one of the most unconventional corrections of all time.

CalBuzz had asked Burton about a Democratic Party ad attacking then-gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

“Through his spokesman,” the website’s editors wrote, “Burton on Monday complained that he had been misquoted. Burton says he didn’t say ‘Fuck you.’ His actual words were, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ Calbuzz regrets the error.”

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