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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Marshall Teague, ‘Last Ounce of Courage’

Marshall Teague is the star of the forthcoming film, “Last Ounce of Courage,” coming to theaters on Sept. 14.

In the movie, Teague plays a small-town mayor who is also the father of a fallen soldier. At its essence, the film is an emotional, inspirational tale about freedom being taken away from us and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

The film has even won the endorsement of Chuck Norris, who has never promoted a film he was not in until this one. Norris says this movie is one “everyone needs to see.”

While in Washington, D.C. to promote the film, Teague talked to The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas about the movie, the “bubble” of Washington, Hollywood versus the rest of America, the public’s longing for heroes and much more.

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Tell us about the film “Last Ounce of Courage”

How do we alert more people in America about what is now at stake?

What do we risk losing in America based on our politics?

Compare the service of our soldiers with our public servants in government

Compare the bubble of Hollywood and Washington, D.C. with the rest of the country

What do we do with politicians who hate America?

Talk about our nation’s hunger for heroes

What gives you hope?

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