Searching for ‘Undecided’ in Ohio

This campaign is not about me

Like 90% of Americans, I’ve made up my mind. I know who I am voting for on November 6.

The ad time in the Cincinnati media market between now and the election is fully bought. For those of us who are ready to vote, the ads are causing voter fatigue. I have developed carpal tunnel from switching channels at every station break.

A voter in Cincinnati told me yesterday that if he was delayed getting home one more time by his candidate’s motorcade, he was switching his vote.

The ads on television, the chatter on radio, the personal visits by the candidates and their surrogates — they are all aimed at someone else.

As we were walking the streets of Cincinnati looking for undecided voters, Natalie Portman was speaking at a rally at the city’s museum center. Ms. Portman is an Oscar Award-winning actress who has appeared in a whole bunch of movies I’ve never seen. Truthfully, I really don’t know who she is, nor do I understand why she’s any more relevant than other surrogates being sent around Ohio by President Obama.

One of the undecided voters I spoke to yesterday told me she was in “Black Swan.”

Rick Robinson is the author of political thrillers which can be purchased on Amazon and at bookstores everywhere. His latest novel, Manifest Destiny has won seven writing awards, including Best Fiction at the Paris Book Festival.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Lexington is the capital of Kentucky.