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O’s flag was still there, until it wasn’t

Have you bought your official Obama flag yet, so you can pledge allegiance to it just like Scarlett Johansson?

If not, it looks like you missed your chance. As of just a few days ago, you could get a print of this unnerving, tellingly egomaniacal, possibly illegal flag at the official Obama store for the low, low price of $35. I heard they’d removed it from the store over the weekend, so I went back to the page for it, and it was still there:

But when I clicked Add to Cart, I got an Internal Server Error. And then, when I went back to the store page, it was down too.

“Whoops, our bad.” Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

So that’s pretty weird, huh? Guess they already sold out of that awesome flag since it’s so awesome! I know they didn’t take it down because everybody noticed how awful it is, and how much it looks like our consulate in Libya after Chris Stevens’ murderers got done with it.

Speaking of which, did you know the murder of an American ambassador, the first since the Carter administration, is just a “bump in the road”? So says our president. But more on that later.

The fake Obama flag debacle reminds me of his fake presidential seal. Remember that, the summer before the ’08 election? Obama couldn’t wait to start telling everybody “I’m the president” all the time, but he hadn’t actually been, y’know, elected yet. Or even nominated. So he just had his own seal made up to put on his podium.

(“Vero Possumus.” Get it?)

It was so creepy, unserious, tone-deaf, and ridiculously presumptuous, even Jon Stewart busted him on it. Which just goes to show how much Obama has learned over the last four years: Nothing.