Small businesses to bear burden of health insurance tax

The additional cost will prompt employers to consider whether they will continue providing health insurance to their employees, or let them go onto the public health care exchanges, at a penalty cost to the employer.

“Say if we are paying $13,000 a year for family health insurance and the penalty is $3,000 per employee for family health insurance, I just saved $10,000 an employee if I put all our employees in the public pool and avoided the tax,” Culler said. “The tax is one more thing that makes is more expensive to provide a good benefit for small business employees.”

“You shouldn’t be taxed for doing the right thing,” he added. “And that’s the part that hurts.”

Culler went on to share his frustration with the political system and its actions toward small businesses.

“Every politician, Democrat or Republican, will tell you small business is the backbone of the American economy,” he said. “But it seems like they are trying to break the back of that back bone by keep piling more on and on and on.”

“We’re busy serving our customers and our clients. We’re not experts in health insurance, we are experts in communications creating TV commercials and things like that. Big businesses have the luxury of working the system…. working within the system. Small businesses on most levels don’t.”

“So this tax, the HIT tax, is just one more thing that a small business person has to worry about,” he said.

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