Celebrities you think might be dead but are actually alive [SLIDESHOW]

Sometimes the Internet incorrectly pronounces celebrities dead when, in fact, they are very much alive. Whether it’s the occasional Wikipedia vandal, a Twitter hoax, or CNN’s trusted reporting, some celebs have been prematurely killed off.

Luckily for you, The Daily Caller decided to clear some of this up for you.

Here are 10 celebrities you may have thought had passed on into a better world, but are indeed living. (Don’t let this video fool you.)

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  • Bill Cosby is not dead! Thank goodness. He is frequently the victim of death rumors, but the comedian is still alive and hopefully will be for a long, long time.
  • He may have the face of an angel from heaven, but Jon Bon Jovi is alive after a Twitter death hoax earlier this year.
  • John Goodman, who for a few years there looked like he might not make it too much longer on this earth, actually lost a lot of weight recently and is alive and well, but his show "Treme" is on it's last leg.
  • What's Sarah McLachlan up to now? Not sure. But she's alive, rest assured.
  • In 2007, Sinbad's Wikipedia page said he died from a heart attack, but he is still alive, but he does owe the state of California $2.5 million in back taxes.
  • Val Kilmer is a frequent victim of death hoaxes. Even though you haven't seen him around in a while, he's still alive. We think.
  • Rumors spread a few years ago that "Scubs" actor Zach Braff had committed suicide -- CNN even reported it as fact. But the actor is still kickin' and making unfunny jokes.
  • "All That" star Kel Mitchell didn't die in 2006, as a MySpace rumor alleged. The actor is still alive, and probably still likes orange soda.
  • We're never gonna give you up, Rick Astley. The singer suffered from an early Internet death hoax, but he is still Rick rollin' right along, not to worry.

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