Univision uncovers more deadly, heart-wrenching Fast and Furious details

Univision then cuts the screen to a barking dog roaming around in the house where the “massacre” occurred. Univision says the dog, “she-bear,” was the “only surviving witness who was in the house that night.”

“She [the dog] disappeared for nearly month, and the neighbors now take care of her in the same place where, she [a neighbor] says, she saw flowing rivers of blood,” a Univision reporter narrates.

Univision cameras then walk viewers down the street pointing out what happened to people in each house the night of the Fast and Furious massacre.

“Here, four people died,” a reporter said pointing to one house. “In the next house, three people died. The owner of this other house was also gunned down when he tried to warn his neighbors about the hitmen. The death toll: 16.”

Univision said the tragedy that night “spurred a wave of indignation across Mexico, and President [Felipe] Calderon, at the time in Japan, quickly made some statements about that night’s events.”

“This violence between criminal groups has extended itself to groups of youngster associated with gangs,” Calderon said.

Luz Del Carmen Sosa, a Mexican journalist covering the police, is then quoted saying that Calderon “said that the victims were gang members when he didn’t even have any real information about who they really were.”

Univision said the families “were outraged” Calderon would make such a statement. Luz Davila was so outraged she confronted Calderon at a public event: “I want you to say, that you retract yourself of what you said, that they were gang members. It’s a lie — neither of my sons were gang members.”

“I want justice for my kids and for the other students because they were 14 years old and up,” Davila said, screaming into her president’s face. “It was a party for an 18-year-old boy.”

“I bet that if your son had been killed, you would have looked everywhere for the killer,” she added.

Univision then said, “years after the massacre,” El Diego confirmed for Davila what she knew all along: her children were innocent.

“They were all minors,” El Diego told police about that night. “There was a big commotion, and well yes, the truth is, some, well they were innocent.”

When El Diego was taken into custody more than a year later in summer 2011, Univision said he was found with Fast and Furious weapons on his person.

Journalist Carmen Sosa then said she thinks “the United States government has many things that they ought to make public.”

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