For those unfamiliar with Dylan Byers and Politico

Politico’s media blogger Dylan Byers suggested in a post on Wednesday it was newsworthy that some of The Daily Caller’s advertisers support Mitt Romney and that one of TheDC’s reporters, Matthew Boyle, committed to doggedly investigating the Obama administration in a recent tweet.

But screen shots captured earlier today on Politico — some from Byers’ blog — reveal that Politico itself has partisan advertisers with a strong affinity for President Barack Obama.

And Byers himself seems intent on aggressively pursuing Romney and his religion. In a post last May, Byers wondered, “When will we talk about Mormonism?”

“I’m not talking about Romney’s personal history — or his family’s history — in the Mormon Church, which is something that has already come up in various stories on cable news and made the front page of a few papers,” Byers wrote May 18. “I’m talking about a national conversation about the Mormon faith, including its past practice of polygamy (which was renounced by the church in the 19th century) and its exclusion of African Americans from the priesthood (until 1978) … That sort of thing.”

Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel emphasized that advertisers aren’t turned away on the basis of their point of view.

The Daily Caller is a for-profit business,” Patel explained. “We accept advertising from those with all sorts of perspectives.”

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