Mark Levin emphasizes importance of 2007 Obama video, rips Howard Kurtz

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin explained why the recently unearthed video of President Barack Obama’s race-focused 2007 speech at Hampton University, released exclusively by The Daily Caller, is so important to the presidential campaign, despite various members of the media downplaying its relevance.

As “The Five” co-host Eric Bolling first observed, then-Sen. Barack Obama voted against a provision that would have waived Stafford Act obligations for victims of Hurricane Katrina just 10 days before he delivered the 2007 speech. Then, in the fiery speech, the president sharply criticized the federal government for supposedly refusing to waive Stafford Act requirements for the predominately black communities affected by the hurricane.

According to Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” the “devious” media chose to ignore Obama’s hypocrisy and instead opted to shoot the messengers.

“This is as devious as it gets,” Levin said. “It doesn’t get any worse than this. And the media are attacking The Daily Caller, the Drudge Report, Sean Hannity for the video. You even have an idiot like Howard Kurtz — I thought Howard Kurtz had died or something, I’m certainly not wishing it on him or anybody else, but I just haven’t seen or heard from the guy. What’s he at, the Daily Beast or something like that? I don’t know. The Huffington Post? Or maybe retired or is in the witness protection program? Or left the country? But there he is.”

“And what’s he saying?” Levin said. “’This is a real loser. This video didn’t tell us anything.’ This video tells us everything. And those of us that already know it, it underscores it and puts 10 exclamation points behind it. He votes against the very law he uses to prove in his view, I guess to a group of ministers, that our government and the Bush administration in particular is racist in the way that [it] provides support for communities in trouble.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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