Which Lindsay Lohan movie looks worse: ‘The Canyons’ or ‘Liz & Dick’? [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Which looks worse (in an awesomely terribly way): Lindsay Lohan’s straight-to-Netflix psycho-sexual thriller, “The Canyons,” or her Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick?”

The trailer for “The Canyons,” released Monday, actually looks like a midsize-budget porn movie and touts group sex situations and the promise of bloody violence while Lohan utters absolutely zero lines.

However, the “Liz & Dick” trailer released two weeks ago portrays Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, saying things like, “You’re screwing that witch?!” while hurling a glass across the room.

Which is worse? We truly can’t decide. You be the judge. (Just to be clear: We will be watching both the minute they appear on Netflix/ Lifetime.)

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