Media reports no protests outside Libya consulate: But why weren’t they more skeptical, sooner?


As TheDC’s Gregg Re reported, “Two State Department officials confirmed late Tuesday that there were no signs of unrest near the Libyan embassy prior to the Sept. 11 attack that killed ambassador Christopher Stevens…”

So why the interesting timing? I mean, why did we just learn this on a Tuesday evening?

As Jon Karl reported on ABC News last night, “[T]his is ahead of a major congressional hearing tomorrow into what happened in that attack on our consulate in Libya and we are hearing new details, details that we have never heard before about what went down and this is significantly different than what we were told at the time.”

There are really two scandals here. One involves an apparent cover up by the Obama Administration and Ambassador Susan Rice. But the other involves a media, who — with the exception of a few intrepid reporters — were generally asleep at the wheel and more than willing to take the administration’s word on something that seemed to defy logic (a video caused all this? And it just happened to take place on the anniversary of 9-11?!).

As the above video illustrates, that might be changing.

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