Watch the trailer for ‘Hitchcock’ starring Anthony Hopkins and Scarlett Johansson [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

The new trailer for “Hitchcock” about the making of “Psycho” looks promising for casual Hitchcock fans and fanatics alike.

Anthony Hopkins portrays an uncanny version of the titular character, while Helen Mirren plays his devoted but frustrated wife, Alma.

“Hitchcock” focuses on the difficulties that the director had making the film — the Hitchcocks had to mortgage their Los Angeles mansion to pay for the movie, and the director had to fight with the Motion Picture Association of America to get the film released due to its controversial nature.

Scarlett Johansson plays the busty Janet Leigh, who had an infamously tense relationship with the director. Don’t worry, guys — the movie will surely focus on the infamous shower scene.

Jessica Biel (meh), Michael Stuhlbarg (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Toni Collette (of many awesome projects) costar.

Watch the trailer below and mark Nov. 23 on your calendar — it’s being released just in time for Oscar season.

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