Lindsay Lohan has horrible parents, really needs a hug [AUDIO]

Lindsay Lohan has made a lot of really dumb mistakes. Nobody put the cocaine in her jeans pocket as she was arrested for a DUI; no one put a gun to her head and forced her to drive drunk.

It was Lindsay herself who has been repeatedly difficult to work with in the entertainment industry, and it is Lindsay who puts herself in questionable situations and surrounds herself with shady characters.

But a new audio recording from the early Wednesday morning altercation with her mother Dina that led police to respond to a domestic violence allegation is proof that in terms of parenting, Lindsay has gotten the short end of the stick.

TMZ obtained a hysterical recording of a phone call between Lindsay and her father — presumably leaked by her other parent of the year, Michael Lohan — which creates a disturbing picture of Lohan family dynamics.

In the chaotic call, Lindsay says her mom is “on cocaine,” and is acting “like the fucking devil right now.”

Lindsay tells her dad that the fight originally started over $40,000 that she and her older brother lent their mother to keep her Long Island home from being foreclosed. Lindsay tells her dad that she wasn’t aware he wasn’t providing child support, to which the forever truthful Michael responds, “She’s full of shit. She’s lying to you, Lindsay. She’s lying.”

Lindsay claimed her mother called the police on her; she can be heard telling Dina, “You already told me that I was a piece of shit. … You were just on the phone, you just said you were calling the cops, right? Delusional, you just said that. You just said that. You just tricked me.”

At the end of the call, Lindsay tells her dad: “[Dina] said disgusting things to me. … She just said I’m dead to her. I’m dead to her now.”

Dina responds from the background: “That’s right, you’re dead to me.”

If you happen to run into Lindsay anytime soon, please, someone — anyone — give her a hug and tell her that this, too, shall pass. Hopefully.