TheDC Morning: Understanding Debate-gate

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1.) Understanding Debate-gate — TheDC’s Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel take on the bizarre attacks against The Daily Caller for reporting about a conflict of interest between tonight’s vice presidential debate moderator and President Obama:

“Martha Raddatz is the moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate. In 1991, Barack Obama attended her wedding. A year later, her then-husband, now a high level administration appointee and a personal friend of the president’s, attended the Obamas’ wedding. Irrelevant information? Put it this way: If Raddatz were a judge, she’d likely have to recuse herself from cases pertaining to the Obamas. We’re not arguing that Raddatz will slant tonight’s debate in the Obama campaign’s favor — any more than a member of Congress would automatically vote for an appropriation simply because it helps a campaign contributor. We are arguing that the public has a right to know the facts about Raddatz’s relationship to the president.”

Now, Debate-gate isn’t quite Watergate, but whoever said it was? Despite the Washington media echo chamber that is attacking The Daily Caller for the story, the fact remains that if any other outlet had the story, they would be committing journalistic malpractice by not reporting it. That’s what journalists are supposed to do: report. This is not to say that Raddatz shouldn’t be the moderator — maybe she still should be, maybe she shouldn’t be. It is to say it’s a piece of information the public should have.

2.) Another day, another “Lizard King” excerpt –“The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama’s True Intergalactic Ambitions by a White House Staffer” is taking the nation by storm. At The Daily Caller, we have yet another excerpt by the anonymous author of the book detailing the strange world inside the Obama administration. The revelations are troubling. But the truth must get out. And you ought to buy the book here — and read the latest excerpt here.

3.) Gary Johnson, November surprise? — No, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson will not be president, at least not of these United States (though it’s entirely plausible he may be president of a bong store one day). But if the presidential race is as close in the swing states as many believe it will be, Johnson could possibly effect the outcome of the election like Ralph Nader did in 2000. In the swing state of Nevada, that may be bad news for Obama, TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“While some may roll their eyes at Libertarian Party presidential nominee and marijuana-legalization champion Gary Johnson, recent polling shows that his presence on the ballot could have an effect on the race, at least in Nevada. A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released Wednesday found that while President Barack Obama has a 4 point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Nevada (51-47 percent), when Johnson is thrown into the mix the former New Mexico governor garners 3 percent of the vote, largely from Obama.”

4.) Obama shows intelligence community the bus —  The Obama administration has found a scapegoat for the false statements they made in the aftermath of the attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi, that left four Americans dead, including American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. TheDC’s Neil Munro reports:

“Administration officials are now blaming the nation’s intelligence agencies for the administration’s week-long campaign to blame a little-known YouTube video for the lethal Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. Officials’ statements about the video’s contribution to the attack were based on judgments ‘made by the intelligence community,’ Jay Carney, President Barack Obama’s press secretary, said Oct. 10. ‘We provided the information we had [from the agencies], and we made clear it was preliminary,’ Carney insisted. Carney repeatedly declined to explain the White House’s response to the attack, or its security measures taken prior to the attack, saying he could not comment until the completion of an administration investigation.”

5.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Billy O’Keefe:  This [“The Lizard King”] is without a doubt the funniest damn thing I”ve ever read. [Note: You can buy “The Lizard King” here.]

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