David Gergen’s verdict on CNN: On substance ‘a draw,’ on style ‘a Ryan victory’

After last week’s lackluster performance from President Barack Obama against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate, pundits pointed to Thursday night’s vice presidential standoff as a pivotal moment in the campaign season. But CNN senior political analyst David Gergen didn’t give Vice President Joe Biden credit for setting the campaign on course.

In CNN’s wrap-up of the event, Gergen called it draw on substance.

“I think Joe Biden didn’t do his boss a lot of help tonight,” Gergen said. “Overall on substance, I think it was a draw. Each side will draw a lot of encouragement from it.”

But Biden’s mannerisms, Gergen explained, were the determining factor in giving Ryan a victory.

“But I did want to make a point: On style, I think Paul Ryan won the debate. And that is, Biden, the dismissive laughs, the interruptions, the sort of shouting — I think that Ryan was calmer and frankly more presidential. On style, not substance, I think it was a Ryan victory. On substance, I thought it was a draw.”

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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