Coulter spars with Maher, says HBO host misinformed by watching MSNBC

As expected on his Friday night HBO program, Bill Maher attempted to poke holes in Ann Coulter’s new book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” by offering quotes and expecting her to defend them.

However, as she has done in numerous appearance promoting her book, Coulter instead broadly spoke about how she believes liberals have invented and pushed racial inequalities in modern society.

“Real racism was over, but racial demagoguery became huge as liberals started fighting ghosts, because they were AWOL during the real civil rights battle,” Coulter said.

Later, Maher claimed that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had lived up to his reputation as a flip-flopper earlier in the week, when he clarified his feelings on abortion.

“He flipped on it twice this week,” Maher said. “First he said, ‘I will not sign any bill that would be anti-abortion.’ Then he said, ‘I would sign every bill that would be anti-abortion,’ the next day, I mean.”

“Well, that was obviously a slip of tongue,” Coulter replied. “I mean, on your description of it, he would not sign any bill and then he would sign it. I didn’t see it, but on your description — no, he has been solidly pro-life for a decade.”

Maher  said he and Coulter must have been “watching completely different people.”

COULTER: Yeah, you’re watching MSNBC. And I would not trust them to give you the truth.
MAHER: I’m watching people speak English on the debates. I’m just watching English.
COULTER: They’re watching MSNBC, too, and that’s why you don’t know what Mitt Romney believes, because the motto of MSNBC is “In other words,” and they’ll tell you what they think Romney believes.
That’s why people liked him so much in the debates: Because we saw him and he said the same thing. And I supported him in 2008. I ran off with a biker. I came back to him, and there’s only one thing he’s ever flipped on.

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