Gutfeld: Romney has to ‘beat Obama like a broom on an oriental rug’ or media will give Obama win [VIDEO]

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld explained that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has to win tomorrow night’s debate with President Barack Obama, and win big, saying, “If Mitt just shows up and does OK, Obama will get the win — the media will see to that.”

“So tomorrow’s round two,” Gutfeld said. “Once again, it’s Salt Lake versus Chicago. Deep convictions versus repeat convictions. Mormonism versus cronyism. LDS versus pure BS. It’s going to be dog eat dog or, in Obama’s case, man eats dog — he’ll definitely need the protein. But for Mitt, he must forget the first debate ever happened and, once again, beat Obama like a broom on an oriental rug. If Mitt just shows up and does OK, Obama will get the win — the media will see to that. ”

“Sorry, Democrats — that VP debate didn’t count,” Gutfeld continued. “I’ve seen buttered toast get a better bounce. So what are the Dems counting on — that Americans don’t care about stuff like the Libyan terror attack or this silly national obsession with jobs? They’re counting on sideshows like birth control and Big Bird to play to the skittish attention spans of a preoccupied leisure class.”

Gutfeld reminded viewers of Obama’s Friday afternoon appearance on the Miami-based “Michael Yo! Show” radio program, when he weighed in on the “American Idol” feud between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Weighing in on that, Gutfeld said, is indicative of Obama’s regard toward the public.

“So what if Obama’s right that we really don’t care about the big stuff — we’re just idiots, which of course is what the media will tell us if Obama loses,” Gutfeld said. “Well, I guess we should be grateful we have a president who knows the difference between Mariah and Minaj but not real terror and mob violence caused by a video no one saw. No wonder he likes the Muppets — with George Soros playing [Jim] Henson, our president just keeps giving our country the bird.”

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