Ten questions for ‘Lizard King’ co-author Jamie Weinstein

Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein is the co-author — along with Daily Caller Deputy Editor Will Rahn — of “The Lizard King” (HarperCollins), a partially fictionalized account of President Obama’s origins that was released as an e-book on Oct. 9. I recently sat down with Weinstein to discuss his new book. The dialogue has been edited for clarity.

The Daily Caller: Jamie, in your book you suggest that Barack Obama is, among other things, a space lizard. Now, I’ve heard of people questioning whether Obama is American, but I don’t know of anyone else who questions whether he’s human. How did you arrive at the space lizard insight?

Jamie Weinstein: Typical liberal media question. Will Rahn and I don’t suggest anything, as you know. We deliver a lightly edited manuscript by an anonymous White House staffer. Of course, our source isn’t the first to discuss the role that lizard people play in the world around us. The great scholar David Icke has written extensively on this. Even the comedian Louis C.K. has doggedly pursued the truth on this subject.

TheDC: Okay. Now, I see “The Lizard King” as an attempt to reconcile the place that Obama occupies in the American popular imagination with the place that he occupies in the American political landscape. Is that an accurate assessment?

JW: I have no idea what this question even means. But I’ll go with yes.

TheDC: I was wondering how you developed the narrative voice in “The Lizard King.” The narrator comes across as aloof but authentic and his voice is strikingly conversational.

JW: It was really easy. Someone sent us a manuscript. We used his voice since he wrote it. We tried to get James Earl Jones’ voice because it is just spectacular, but it was too expensive.

TheDC: How has this experience affected your perception of President Obama? Have the revelations contained in the book made you more sympathetic toward him? I found myself identifying with Obama more after reading this. In a sense we’re all lizard kings and queens, aren’t we?

JW: That’s kind of what Huey Long said before he was killed. Look, this book is not about us. It’s not even about the anonymous White House insider who wrote it. It’s about America. It’s about the truth. It’s about the future of the human race. It’s about our place in the universe. Now, if those things don’t interest you, we suggest you don’t buy the book. Actually, scratch that. Even if those things don’t interest you, we want you to buy the book.