Xbox watchers viewed Biden as more truthful debater

Josh Peterson | Tech Editor

Vice President Joe Biden won over a sizable amount of Xbox LIVE users during Thursday’s vice presidential debate.

Xbox LIVE users can view all of the presidential debates and the vice presidential showdown on their Xbox 360 console. Microsoft, which runs the Xbox LIVE service and produces the Xbox 360, polls viewers in real time during each debate.

That polling revealed that 44.1 percent of “Xbox Swing Voters” — undecided users who logged into the service during the Thursday debate — thought that Biden won, while 22.9 percent gave the nod to Paul Ryan. The strong majority of undecided Xbox users thought Biden was the more trustworthy candidate.

“There were well over 800,000 individual responses to poll questions, and the level of engagement among Xbox LIVE users was extremely high, with over 30,000 responses to each of the questions posed,” said Larry Hyrb, Director of Programming for Microsoft Xbox LIVE. Hyrb posted data relating to the debate survey on his blog.

Microsoft executives say the technology is the future of polling.

“Not only can people now make themselves heard, they can express their voice or their point of view via answers to questions, but we can also take a look at the aggregate findings,” Jose Pinero, senior director of Xbox Entertainment, told The Daily Caller. “We can look at this as the future of polling,”

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