DNC website mocks Romney-Ryan tax plan

Annie Z. Yu | Contributor

A website launched just before the second presidential debate on Tuesday by the Democratic National Committee accuses Republican nominee Mitt Romney of purposely avoiding attempts to disclose details of his tax plan.

The website reads, “For a detailed explanation of how the Romney-Ryan tax plan is able to cut taxes by $5 trillion without raising taxes on the middle class or exploding the deficit, simply click the button below.”

But the red “GET THE DETAILS” button scampers and darts away from the cursor every time a visitor tries to click it.

The website uses the Romney campaign’s logo and inserts “half of” into the campaign’s “Believe in America” slogan, in a reference to Romney’s 47 percent gaffe.

The footer prompts visitors to “get the facts on [Romney’s] plan” and links to an entry by the Truth Team on the Obama campaign’s website.

The Obama campaign also launched a YouTube video on Tuesday of former President Bill Clinton attacking Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut.

“We simply cannot afford to give another round of tax cuts to people who got the benefit of the tax cuts and the economic growth of the last decade,” Clinton said in the two-minute video. “It hasn’t worked before, and it won’t work this time.”

The site currently has over 24,000 shares on Twitter and 175,000 “likes” on Facebook.

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