10 dogs that are definitely in the spirit of fall [SLIDESHOW]

These dogs just freaking LOVE pumpkins. Carving them, posing on top them, frolicking among them, wanting to eat them. And it is super cute.

Like their feline counterparts, these 10 dogs are certainly getting into the spirit of fall. We dare you not to crack a smile.

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  • Like vampires, Daschunds are notoriously fearful of their own reflection.
  • The ONLY way this could be cuter is if it were a kitten.
  • "Do I kill it, or cuddle with it?"
  • The carver here is a little less put-upon by his artistic sensibilities.
  • If only we were as jazzed about our day as he is about wearing a Halloween collar in a pumpkin patch.
  • This guy is weary from carving a portrait of himself into this jack-o-lantern. He knows he's talented -- just leave him be.
  • Two for the price of one? We'll take it.
  • A wheelbarrow ride AND a snazzy lime green sweater? This dog is livin' the life.
  • This Westie is showing this pumpkin who's boss.
  • "PUMPKINS ARE SO AWESOME!!!" is what we imagine this dog is thinking.

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