Candidates launch attacks over oil and gas production, war on coal

Despite touting his support for coal, Obama administration policies have been reported to contribute to the closing of coal plants throughout the U.S.

“This debate was further proof that both candidates recognize coal’s importance to voters, but the question is will they enact policies that recognize coal’s importance to America?” said Lisa Camooso Miller, vice president of media affairs at American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

“The current EPA is pursuing policies that will lead to the shutdown of more than 200 coal plants, enough to power the state of Ohio,” she added. “Voters in Ohio, Virginia and around the country want balanced policies that will ensure a future for coal.”

The Environmental Protection Agency estimated the cost of just one of its major regulations, the utility MACT — a rule to limit toxic emissions like mercury, arsenic and metal from power plants — at $10.2 billion

“Energy is the first component of Governor Romney’s plan for economic recovery, while President Obama has imposed job-killing regulations on affordable energy industries and dumped billions of wasted taxpayer dollars into renewable companies that have filed for bankruptcy in appalling numbers,” Pyle said.

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