Michelle Obama, Ann Romney commit unfathomable fashion faux pas [PHOTOS]

It’s safe to assume that whoever is in charge of the fashion decisions for both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama got a severe talking to after Tuesday’s debate — like the kind of verbal lashing your parents give you when they say they are “very disappointed” in you rather than just coming out and saying they are super pissed. It’s really much worse.

Both women attended the second presidential debate at Hofstra University wearing — gasp! — bubblegum pink.

Mrs. Romney has favored the hue before, while the first lady usually sticks to darker colors and prints. Romney chose a cap-sleeved sheath dress topped off with a contrasting greenish necklace (color blocking is very in, FYI), while Obama went all Pepto with a matching cropped jacket.

So how did this happen? Were the fashion gods napping while the potential presidential spouses were getting dressed? Was there a dry cleaning mishap? Did both women’s stylists lose their cell service? Do they not iMessage or BBM on the reg? For shame!

However this unthinkable fashion faux pas happened, it comes down to this: Who wore it best? Michelle or Ann? Tell us in the comments below.

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