The top uniforms in college football [SLIDESHOW]

What makes a uniform appealing? Is it a classic look that echoes the proud traditions of some of college football’s most storied programs? Is it a modern flare that symbolizes a new era in the sport where the traditional powers are overthrown? Or is it a combination of the two?

The Daily Caller ranks the best jerseys from each of the 12 FBS Division I-A conferences.

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  • The Rest: WAC – Louisiana Tech
Hate to break the trend, but the La. Tech uniforms are the best of the WAC and very similar to the SMU look.
  • The Rest: Big East – Cincinnati 
Yeah, yeah. Red, black and white again, but just look at the scratch mark design on the pants!
  • The Rest: Sunbelt – Arkansas State
Once again, red, black and white. And oh hey, there’s Oregon again!
  • The Rest: MAC – Ball State
There’s just something to be said about red, black and white . . .but really not that much.
  • The Ultramodern: Big 12 – Oklahoma State
While big brother Oklahoma may often have the edge on the scoreboard, Ok. State owns in the jersey department. The school’s orange and black color scheme; simple, yet distinguished jersey design; and matted black helmet give it a renegade style all its own, fitting for a Cowboy.
  • The Ultramodern: ACC – Georgia Tech
This jersey is a winner. To go with the Yellow Jacket mascot, the team adopted a honeycomb-textured jersey and helmet. They also changed the basic design of the jersey to catch up to the times. If only their triple-option offense could do the same.
  • The Ultramodern: Mountain West – Boise State
These jerseys are sharp. The matted black helmet features a fearsome bronco head with glaring red eyes. The gradient-style numbers are truly innovative. These uniforms help make up for that blue eyesore they call a football field.
  • The Ultramodern: Pac 12 – Oregon
Who else? It seems like the Ducks have new uniforms every year. After all, they do have Nike founder and Oregon alum Phil Knight to spoil them. Their threads are flashy and modern without going over-the-top. That’s hard to do when your colors are green and yellow, but they pull it off.
  • The Classics: Conference USA – Southern Methodist University 
Though the era of Pony Express success is long past, SMU has kept its look basically the same, serving as a reminder of the program’s days at the pinnacle of the college football world.
  • The Classics: Big 10 – Ohio State 
One of the most recognizable uniform designs has adapted the modern fit. There’s no need to deviate when you’ve got a winning look, and the Buckeyes own seven national championships and six Heisman trophies, two of which belong to tailback Archie Griffin.
  • The Classics: SEC – Alabama
Paul “Bear” Bryant would roll over in his grave if the classic design ever changed, not to mention the diehard Bama fans who will yell “Roll Tide Roll” 'till their dying day. Alabama is currently one of the most dominant programs in the sport, and boasts 13 national championships, including two of the last three.
  • The Classics: Independents -- Notre Dame There’s a certain mystique in the plain style of the Notre Dame football uniforms with their shining gold helmets and stripeless pants and jerseys. They’re a hallmark of a school that produced players like Theisman, Montana and Lujack, as well as coaches like Rockne, Leahy and Parseghian. And don’t forget Rudy.

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