Kids offer political opinions on YouTube; surprisingly insightful

Benny and Rafi Fine, the brothers who filmed the viral hit “Kids React to Dubstep,” have released a new video featuring a dozen children between the ages of 6 and 13 expressing their opinions on the presidential candidates and hot-button political issues.

While some ideas stumped the students, such as the value of an electoral college system, most of the kids managed to display at least a working knowledge of the campaign.

“If Mitt Romney is going to create a lot of jobs, if he’s going to help us get our economy back, I think PBS is a small sacrifice that we should take,” said 13-year-old Jake, one of the few children who vocally supported the GOP presidential nominee.

Romney mentioned repealing Obamacare and cutting subsidies to PBS as ways to reduce budget deficit during the first presidential debate, drawing the ire of critics who said cuts to PBS would have essentially no impact on the massive deficit.

“[Politicians] lie to make the other person look awful, so that more people think that the other person is an awful person, and they vote for the good guy,” Jake added helpfully.

According to a recent poll conducted by the publisher Scholastic, young students prefer President Barack Obama to  Gov. Romney by six percentage points, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Four percent of students voted for write-in candidates — sometimes they named a third-party nominee, but often they simply listed “my mom” or “my dad.”

Watch the Fine video:

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