San Diego Chargers under investigation for using banned sticky substance

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

The NFL announced Sunday that banned “Stickum” tape was confiscated from an equipment manager for the San Diego Chargers during halftime of the past Monday night game against the Denver Broncos.

A line judge saw what he thought was a suspicious substance on hand towels used by the players, and when he pressed the equipment manager, discovered the man’s pockets were full of Stickum tape. If the NFL determines the Chargers were using it during game time, they will be fined or lose an important draft pick for next season, reports The Associated Press.

All sticky substances used to catch the ball better were banned in the NFL in 1981. This is just another blow to the Chargers franchise, who have been angering fans by not firing head coach Norv Turner.

The fan grumbling became so loud recently that the team spokesperson posted an open letter to fans on the website that explicitly said, “Time to take a chill pill.”

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