New Senate ad in Ohio emphasizes burdensome cost of regulation

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A new ad in the important swing state of Ohio assails Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown on the burdensome costs that regulation imposes on manufacturing.

The ad, released by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, features Claudia Kovach, whose parents started City Machine Technology 26 years ago in Youngstown, Ohio.

“We’re trying to revitalize manufacturing and do that, you need less regulation,” Kovach says.

Kovoach shares the story of her parents using all of their savings, including her savings as well as a second mortgage on their home, to achieve the American dream and own their own business. Today, shes feels that the burden of regulation makes this dream harder to attain.

“We have a serious problem when it takes an army of lawyers to understand basic federal regulations. They’ve cost us business, they’ve cost us employees,” she says.

The Small Business Administration says that the annual cost of regulation to small businesses has increased by $1.75 trillion.

“Every dollar we spend complying with regulation is one dollar less that we can pay our employees. We play fair, we follow the rules,” the ad concludes.

Kovach also addresses the need for cheap energy in Ohio, which has a strong manufacturing base.

“In Ohio we live and die by cheap energy,” she says. “I spend 20,000 a month on utilities. We need the fossil fuels. We need coal, coal is very important to us.”

Ohio will prove to be a key state  in the presidential election, where the economy and jobs have become a critical issue. The message of less regulation and cheap energy will be important to business owners in Ohio.

The latest Public Policy Polling survey shows Brown 5 points ahead of his Republican challenger Josh Mandel.


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