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Letterman just realized Obama is a liar, you guys

Courtesy of Newsbusters:

Putting aside Letterman’s claim that he automatically believes the President of the United States because he’s the President of the United States — which didn’t seem to be operative between, oh, 2001-2009 — it’s startling to hear such a steadfast Obama booster blasting him like this. Romney really did shake everything up at that first debate, didn’t he? Can you imagine Letterman saying something like this just a month ago? Suddenly, everybody realizes that they can disagree with Obama. Why, they can even do so publicly. How freeing that must feel.

Letterman is co-owner of a racing team, so maybe that’s why Obama’s latest Detroit lie rankled him, out of all the other lies. I wonder how he felt when he realized that just last month, Obama told an even worse lie right to his face?

President Barack Obama says the man behind an anti-Islam movie that ignited violence across the Middle East is a “shadowy character.”

U.S. officials blame the film in part for the violence in Libya, where U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed…

Obama made the comments in a taped interview with David Letterman being aired Tuesday night.

Yep, there were cameras and microphones and everything. Just look. (Sorry about the Italian subtitles. This was the only clip I could find that’s cued right up to that part of the interview.)

YouTube Preview Image

Obama lied, Dave cried.

I’m sure Letterman will go right back to condemning Romney for being a fatcat, and then jetting off for a weekend in St. Barts. But hey, it’s a start.

P.S. Hmmm, maybe Dave’s just trying to keep up with the competition?