Mittens with kittens [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

What if Mitt Romney went everywhere accompanied by kittens? What if EVERYONE went everywhere accompanied by kittens? The world would certainly be a better place.

Here, we imagine what it would be like if Mittens hit the campaign trail with kittens. (It’s exactly what it sounds like.)

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  • We are pretty sure Mitt would have rather greeted this lion onstage at one of the debates than Obama.
  • Mitt takes questions from a gaggle of precious kittens onboard his campaign jet.
  • This little guy is all business at this Ryan-Romney rally.
  • How awesome would it have been if Mitt was just casually petting a Persian cat during the town hall debate? TOO AWESOME.
  • Just a casual flying high five.
  • If this kitten accompanied Mittens everywhere he went, he would surely win the coveted cat lady demographic, which is notoriously undecided until the last minute.
  • Mitt's just hangin' with his grandson Parker, an iPhone and this adorable kitten.
  • That's your imagination. There is no cheetah flying across Mitt's right shoulder.
  • Uh oh. This speech is getting serious. SERIOUSLY CUTE! (Right?)
  • Preparing for Mrs. Romney's RNC speech would have been so much more relaxing with this adorable kitten around.

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