Former Playboy model seeks Chicagoland county board seat

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Kerri Branson wants to be taken as a serious public servant now, and she doesn’t understand why her past as a naked Playboy model is an issue.

“It has actually been rather funny how my past is blowing up like this,” Branson, who is running as a Democrat for a seat on the Kane County Board, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to her Wikipedia page, Branson appeared in Playboy issues from 1992 to 1995 (including the “Bathing Beauties” and “Locker Room Fantasies” special editions) and again in 2000, under her maiden name, Kerri Hoskins. She is now married and has four children, including 15-year-old twins who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Branson also portrayed Sonya Blade in the live-action tour of the popular 1990s video game “Mortal Kombat,” a fact that many Gen X voters might certainly appreciate.

“I don’t regret what I did,” Branson said. “I was very successful at it, and it brought me to Illinois, where I met my husband and have a beautiful family.”

According to the Times, Branson “is running on a platform of special-needs services, health programs and farmland preservation.”

The lady who you just might be able to find nude if you dig deep enough through the boxes in your parents’ attic is challenging Republican incumbent Drew Frasz, who says that Branson’s nudie pictorial and violent video game past are uncouth for a Kane County Board member.

“Those are two things people do not allow in their homes that she was involved in,” Frasz told the Times. “I didn’t bring it up, even though I knew about this right after she filed. I want to run on the merits of the race.”

“I am concerned that there have been about 120 meetings since the primary, and she has not been to one of them. I would think three weeks from the election she might want to know something about the job.”

Branson countered that her past proves that she is a “multi-tasker”:  “I have an honest heart and a perspective on life in how things should be done ethically,” she said. “My life proves I am not a lazy person. I am a woman, and we do multi-task.”

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