Kate vs. Fred: Which Upton wore it best? [SLIDESHOW]

House Committee on Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton might be getting a little less attention these days than his niece Kate — whom you may have heard of or seen half-naked on the cover of GQ.

But that doesn’t mean the Michigan Republican doesn’t represent his district with a certain congressional flair.

So in a battle of Kate vs. Fred, which Upton wore it best?

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  • Yield the floor to the gentleman from Michigan, please: His niece is Kate Upton.
  • Eyes up here, fellas. Or not.
  • Upton's silver locks certainly upstaged this press conference on rising gasoline prices.
  • The song is called "Devil With a Blue Dress," but may we beg to differ? This is, in fact, an angel.
  • Upton swung that blazer over his shoulder like a pro after the special deficit reduction "super committee" meeting last year. Figures that both Uptons would be super at their professions, modeling and legislating.
  • We know where the congressman's niece inherited her piercing gaze.
  • On a hot summer day, who doesn't enjoy a bikini and a popsicle, especially when they are both patriotic?
  • The House Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce adds some sparkle to his suit with a congressional lapel pin.
  • Here, Kate reenacts the famous "Baywatch" run in a video shoot for GQ magazine.

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