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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton thinks Benghazi is sort of funny

I missed this yesterday, but fortunately, Jim Hoft didn’t. Hillary really cracks herself up at around the 1-minute mark:


She just has to laugh at how silly you are! Suspecting that she might be anything less than honest! Please indulge her as she indulges your lack of sophistication and nuance.

Pullquote: “Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.” Whereas posting something on YouTube

Hillary Clinton assured us with the utmost certainty that our ambassador to Libya was murdered on the anniversary of 9/11 because of a YouTube video that angered Muslims. As she put it: “An. Awful. Internet. Video. That. We. Had. Nothing. To. Do. With.” Unless we’re to disregard all the evidence that’s been uncovered so far, she had to have known that wasn’t true. It wasn’t because of any stupid video. And now she’s put herself in charge of the investigation into the coverup, which you are expected to shut up about until the problem goes away. Or November 6, whichever comes first.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens raised many red flags about an impending attack, and yet his security was actually decreased. And our government knew what was happening in Benghazi on 9/11/12 as it was still happening, yet they did nothing and then lied to the whole world about it. Hey, Obama couldn’t exactly cancel his trip to Vegas, could he?

As Bryan Preston points out:

The Obama administration has floated a claim that it ordered no relief in [Benghazi] because it did not have the permission of the Libyan government to send aircraft to the scene. The Libyan government, such as it is in the post-Gaddafi chaos, has said that it did grant permission to enter its airspace. Then there is the matter of the recon aircraft which were reportedly already on the scene.

The Obama administration did not seek permission when it launched the 2010 SEAL mission that eliminated Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Something tells me Kathryn Bigelow won’t be making a movie about this one.

P.S. Meanwhile, in the other separate bedroom of the Clinton home: Bill Clinton – From Savior to Potential Scapegoat in Less than Two Months. New conventional wisdom: “There’s no way Romney can win, and it’ll be Bill’s fault when he does.”

Great idea. Blame Bill Clinton for Obama’s problems, while he’s campaigning for Obama. Don’t they know Bill’s not going to put up with this? Don’t they know how much more damage he can do, subtly (and not-so-subtly) undermining Obama while pretending to be in his corner?

Let’s hope not!