Lindsay Lohan tempts fate, mother nature with series of taunting tweets

Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to let a little thing like the largest tropical cyclone ever recorded on the Eastern seaboard scare her (not that anything should frighten her anymore — after all, Dina Lohan is her mother.)

The actress wondered aloud on Twitter Sunday what all the fuss was about, even going so far as to try and rename the hurricane:

Lindsay Lohan Hurricane Sandy tweet

Later, the actress got even more confrontational by referring to the storm as “Hurricane Sassy.”

Lohan may want to cavalier attitude towards frenemy Hurricane Sandy, because she is in a pretty bitchy mood right now and is headed straight for the actress’ home state of New York.

Sandy has not yet responded to the actress’ taunts, since she is busy wreaking havoc on the East coast.

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