10 animals that were prepared for Hurricane Sandy [SLIDESHOW]

Emergency preparedness is not something to be taken lightly.

Just ask these 10 animals in rain gear that probably made it through Hurricane Sandy dry and unscathed due to the benefit of foresight. We can all learn something from these guys.

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  • Cats in raincoats = Best Thing Ever.
  • Who says emergency preparedness can't be fashionable?
  • An umbrella AND a raincoat? This cat is ready for anything.
  • Did you know raincoats even come elephant-sized?
  • This piglet knows to keep his little piggies warm and dry with stylish yet functional rain boots.
  • Was this pug an extra in "The Perfect Storm"? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • This puppy keeps her pearls safely guarded with this bright yellow raincoat.
  • They may not make kitten-sized rain boots, but this intrepid fellow took refuge inside a human rain boot -- it's just as effective.
  • This Pomeranian is super psyched to be wearing a bright yellow raincoat.
  • Every dog needs red rain boots. Every single one.

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