BREAKING: 18% of Americans do not think Obama is Jewish

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

It turns out eighteen percent of Americans do not think President Obama is Jewish.

The Daily Caller reported Monday — with some bewilderment  — that the Associated Press/GfK’s Racial Attitudes Survey indicated that nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe President Obama is Jewish, up from zero percent in 2010.

It turns out the AP made a boo boo.

“2012 numbers have been updated to correct a typo showing 18 percent of respondents saying Obama is Jewish,” the poll now declares. “The numbers for Muslim, some other religion, no religion, and don’t know were displayed in the wrong rows.”

In other words, 18 percent of Americans believe President Obama is Muslim; zero percent of Americans think Obama is Jewish.

To be precise, 2 Americans out of the 1,071 surveyed said they think President Obama is Jewish, according to the Times of Israel, which obtained the Survey’s raw data. TheDC was unable to confirm if the two were white supremacists who think everyone in power is part of a Zionist conspiracy.

President Obama is actually a protestant Christian, which only 28 percent of respondents to the survey pegged correctly.

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