The show must go on: Fallon, Letterman tape shows without audiences [VIDEO]

Jill Gregorie | Contributor

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Not only were the streets of New York City empty during Monday night’s superstorm, so were the chairs in late-night show audiences.

Out of concern for the public’s safety, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon hosted their respective television programs without any fans in attendance, according to Extra. Jimmy Kimmel canceled his live show, which usually broadcasts from Brooklyn.

Fallon and Letterman delivered their monologues and jokes to their crews and bands.

Fallon quipped that it was obvious Broadway performers had a hard time arriving to work on Monday, saying, “You could tell by that one show, Blue Man Guy.”

Many viewers said Fallon had a better presence and delivered his jokes more enthusiastically than Letterman.

Perhaps Fallon’s professionalism stems from his years of experience in not having people laugh at his jokes.

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