Cory Booker offers moral support to Hot Pocket-less constituent

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been a response machine on Twitter during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, responding directly to as many of his constituents as he can about any and all problems they are facing.

Booker isn’t taking any of his constituents’ problems lightly. Power still out? He’s working on it. Tree down? Booker’s got it. Need medical supplies? He’ll personally bring them to you!

Out of Hot Pockets? Well, Booker is there for you, man.

Someone tweeted at the mayor that he was running out of Hot Pockets, and while Booker didn’t promise to procure more of the delicious frozen meals, Booker did reply with moral support:

Cory Booker Hot Pocket tweet

This is the kind of leader we all need in times of crisis: A leader who cares about those without Hot Pockets.

h/t Daily Intel

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